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ActionAid Ghana and Partners Readies for the Indigenous Seeds Development Seminar in Sunyani

ActionAid Ghana and Partners Readies for the Indigenous Seeds Development Seminar in Sunyani

ActionAid Ghana and Partners Readies for the Indigenous Seeds Development Seminar in Sunyani.

(Sunyani, Tuesday, May 21, 2024) ActionAid Ghana and partners from the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) and the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development(CIKOD)are set to host the first-ever seminar on Indigenous seed development on Wednesday, May 22, in Sunyani,  Bono Region of Ghana.

Dubbed "Achieving Food Sovereignty: The Role of Indigenous Seeds Development in Ghana," the seminar aims to call for commitment to protect our indigenous seeds by highlighting their value and contribution to bolstering Ghana's food system's resilience against shocks from climate change. 

Ghana’s food security has become daunting due to the many climate change crises coupled with various forms of unfavourable government policies. The seminar, among other things, seeks to encourage smallholder farmers to engage state actors on ways to safeguard Ghana’s food sovereignty. As a leading social justice organisation with a focus on advocating for sustainable farming practices that safeguards the interests and livelihoods of smallholder farmers across the nation, we are concerned about the ramifications of the government’s approval for the commercialization of 14 genetically modified organism (GMO) foods in Ghana.

The protection of indigenous seeds is key to achieving food security as a country. With the current economic challenges widening the poverty gap, AAG is leveraging on the seminar to call on the state actors to prioritise agroecology as a sustainable farming approach and cease the commercialization of GMOs in food production. Agroecology can guarantee meeting local food security needs, reduce deforestation, limit land grabs, support livelihoods, and thus contribute to Ghana’s economic growth.

The seminar will, among other things, engage various stakeholders and build alliances to promote indigenous seed production in Ghana. It will also advocate for informed public policies and increase investment to strengthen indigenous seeds development in Ghana.

The seminar will attract participants from Accademia, public and private organisations and state actors, which include the Smallholder Women Farmers Movement selected from four regions, the Department of Agriculture, the School of Agriculture and Technology (UENR), CIKOD, the media, and other partners. Representatives from other social movements such as the Ghana Agroecology Movement (GAEM)in the transitional zone, the Activista–Youth Movement and the Young Urban Women Movement (YUWM) will also be part of the seminar. 


About ActionAid Ghana:

ActionAid Ghana (AAG) is an affiliate of ActionAid, a global justice Federation working to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication. ActionAid has been working to promote sustainable food production systems and agricultural practices that increase productivity and production. For interviews and further information on regional operations, contact the Regional Programme Manager, Kwame Afram Denkyira on (+233244173673)or the PR and Communications Officer via,  or +233 244316392.