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The Inter-Party and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Directorate of the NDC pays a courtesy call to ActionAid Ghana

The Inter-Party and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Directorate of the NDC pays a courtesy call to ActionAid Ghana

The Inter-Party and Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Directorate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led by Dr. Boamah Otokunor, paid a courtesy call on ActionAid Ghana on Tuesday, June 18. 

The courtesy call, held at the ActionAid National office, was attended by an eight-member team led by Dr. Otokunor, and some executive members of the directorate to engage in policy discussions. 

Mr. Justin Bayor, the Head of Programmes, Campaigns, and Innovations of ActionAid Ghana, warmly welcomed Dr. Otokunor and his team, expressing ActionAid’s position as an apolitical organisation that does not shy away from engaging with political organisations. He explained that the Inter-Party and CSO departments were good initiatives, highlighting their importance in fostering inclusive dialogue and policy formulation.

Mr. Bayor further introduced the team to ActionAid’s Country Strategy Paper VII. He shared detailed information about the new Country Strategy Paper, elaborating on the key priority areas, which include green ecology and resilient livelihoods: emphasizing sustainable environmental practices and promoting resilience among communities. Women’s Rights and Decent Work: Advocating for gender equality and fair employment opportunities; and Active Citizenship, Accountability, and Gender-Responsive Public Services: Ensuring transparent governance and equitable public services.

ActionAid Ghana, known for its contributions over the years, also reiterated its position on early childhood development. AAG has over the past three decades contributed immensely towards early childhood development, providing ultramodern child-friendly schools in regions like the Bono region, the Northern, Upper East, Upper West, and Greater Accra regions of Ghana. Overall, AAG has built about Fifty-four (54) early childhood schools in the regions.

The Head of Programmes, Campaigns and Innovations, Justin Bayor, stressed that early childhood is a critical area that needs to be prioritised by the country, encouraging the National Democratic Congress to analyse the long-term benefits of a solid foundation in early education and do more when given the nod of governance.

Another key area that the delegation was encouraged to prioritise is accountability. Highlighting some key issues affecting gender-responsive public services in Ghana, ActionAid expressed worry over the lingering challenges with accountability and called for stronger measures to ensure transparency and good governance to better provide a dignified life for women and children.

Deputy Director of Research of the NDC, Dr. Peter Boamah Otokunor acknowledged these concerns, reaffirming the NDC’s commitment to its core principles of inclusivity, accountability, probity, and development. He noted that the previous NDC administration under John Dramani Mahama had made significant strides in education, such as eliminating schools under trees, and pledged that the next NDC government would continue to improve livelihoods through the Gender and Social Protection Ministry.

Dr. Otokunor also outlined the NDC’s plans for the first 100 days of John Mahama’s next administration, which include restructuring the educational system and enhancing infrastructure.

He reiterated the gains made during Mahama’s previous tenure, particularly in driving economic growth through agricultural policies such as the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP) and the Medium-Term Agriculture Sector Investment Plan (METASIP).

The courtesy call ended with both parties expressing a strong commitment to collaboratively work together as social development organisations. ActionAid is committed to working for a just, fair, and sustainable world in which everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity and freedom from poverty and oppression.