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A brighter future for Kubra Sumani

An assertive Kubra Sumani stood up against her father's friend and reported him for making sexual advances towards her.

My name is Kubra Sumani. I am 17 years old and a Junior High School (J.H.S) 1 student of the Yabraso Roman Catholic JHS located in the Brong Ahafo region. I am the third of five siblings, I have two brothers and two sisters.

It all began two years ago when I had just turned 15 years old.

My father’s business partner used to visit our home regularly and would refer to me as his wife. I assumed it was just a jovial remark because I regarded him as a father because of the relationship he had with my own father and our family. I used to run errands for him and his wife until one day, he proposed to me.

At first, I did not think he was being serious, so I brushed it off.

However, he kept persisting and bringing it up every time he saw me. This made me very uncomfortable, so I informed my mother about it.


My mother also informed Auntie Aggie, an Executive Member of the Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)

Auntie Aggie arranged a meeting with my mother and me to discuss the issue after which she called the man and warned him to stay away from me or else she will report him to the Police. He has since stopped pestering me and does not visit our house like he used to.

I have also drawn closer to Auntie Aggie because of her support and she teaches me how to stay assertive and concentrate on my studies. She also educates me about being a young woman and informs me of my rights.

Auntie Aggie says she was trained by ActionAid Ghana and other government agencies on child marriage, its effects and how to report such issues. She put me in touch with ActionAid Ghana and helped me share my story with them.

As a result, I was chosen as part of 100 girls to attend a National Campaign Against Child Marriage in the capital city, Accra. I got the opportunity to meet other girls who had experienced child marriage and we shared our experiences. It felt great to be included in advocating against child marriage on a wider platform.

I am now a part of ActionAid’s Girls’ Club in my school and this is really helping me to focus on my studies because I want to be a nurse in future”

Editor’s Note: Kubra Sumani lives in the Yabroso Community in the Tain District of the Bono Region where ActionAid Ghana and its partners have been advocating against child marriage and promoting access to basic education.

Communication Officer for ActionAid Ghana